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Chaiz is the first
marketplace for
vehicle service

Driving peace of mind

What we do

Chaiz is on a mission to change not just the way people buy protection for their cars, but to change an industry. For too long, people who rely on their car and simply want peace of mind driving it, were pushed into overpriced and ill-fitting protection products. With little to no transparency in the market today, they were at the mercy of dealers and agressive call centers with no control or choice of their own. No longer.

Chaiz enables everyone to find vehicle protection that fits their need and budget at their own pace. We will stay independent and will ensure that providers are vetted and claim processes are handled professionally. We believe that our role has to be more than just a marketplace but to enable all parties involved to evolve into a digital-first experience from A-Z with the customer truly at the heart of the experience.

We empower consumers to research, compare & buy vehicle protection
online in just a few clicks.


Fair pricing

We don't have to run an expensive outbound call center thanks to our digital first approach. If you purchase a plan through Chaiz you save on average 60%


Our mission is to empower consumers to compare coverage options and give them all the information they need to make an educated decision

Digital first

We will never call you or push you to a sale. Do your own research, find the right plan and purchase it 100% online.

How it works

We would love to tell you more about how things work differntly with Chaiz and why you are always in the driver seat while saving money.

Our leadership Team

We combine decade-long industry experience with a passion for tech disruption and a laser focus on doing what’s right for the customer.

Our team is determined to pave the road to a brighter future for auto protection by supplying a reliable online marketplace. We aim to provide you with affordable extended breakdown coverage from only the top-rated providers across the country.

Reto Bolliger


«I love simplicity – so any ideas on how we can make Chaiz even simpler for you to find & buy your vehicle protection, please send my way!»

[email protected]

Daniel Louis

Biz Dev & Partnerships

«I’m making sure we select only protection providers you can trust. So, in case you ever have to claim for a repair, you know you’ll be covered.»

[email protected]

Daniel McLachlan

Strategic Advisor

«I’ve been running car dealerships and sold protection for many years. It’s time to do things differently and help many more of you to drive with peace of mind!»

[email protected]

Dmytro Kolinko

Head of Digital Marketing

«You probably got here thanks to me. Through a concise strategy I am working hard to spread the word about the affordable rates and reliable protection we offer on Chaiz.»

[email protected]

Serhii Hupa

Head of Engineering

«I am the tech wizard responsible for making the fastest and most-reliable online search engine for vehicle service contracts.»

[email protected]

Phillippe Koenig

Head of Product

Making sure everyone loves Chaiz and has a fantastic end-to-end experience is what I am concerned about. Simple, powerful and doing exactly what you need.

[email protected]
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