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Has your Suzuki
warranty expired?

We recommend to protect your Suzuki from unexpected repair bills. Either by purchasing an extended warranty from the manufacturer or with a protection plan from one of our providers.

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Our digital search tool makes it easy to search for the best price and
protection plan for your Suzuki

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Is it worth to protect
your Suzuki
after the
factory warranty has expired?

Your car is likely the second most expensive item you own, and no matter how new or well-maintained your vehicle is, it might eventually need repairs. We recommend to protect your Suzuki with an extended warranty from the manufacturer or a vehicle service contract from one of our providers.

How much does it cost
to protect my Suzuki
from unexpected repair bills?

Usually you have two options once the factory warranty has expired. You can either purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer, or you can protect your Suzuki via a vehicle service contract from a third party provider. Third party providers are generally more cost-efficient. Below is a rough indication on the monthly cost for protecting your Suzuki through a vehicle service contract.

Vehicle year 3 year protection 5 year protection
2015 $25/month $20/month
2013 $25/month $24/month
2011 $34/month $29/month

Prices are indicative only. Please use our quoting function for a live price.

Chaiz offers extended solutions for most Suzuki models at affordable cost:


FAQ section

How long does the suzuki manufacturer warranty last?

The Suzuki manufacturer warranty typically lasts for about 3 to 7 years or 36,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the year and model of the car. Thereafter it is up to you to handle repairs.

What does suzuki manufacturer warranty cover?

Suzuki supplies a comprehensive plan to ensure coverage on all major components.

What are average repair costs for suzuki cars?

Repairs on your [make] can range anywhere from $90 to $2,931 depending on what repairs are needed.

How do I file a claim after purchasing a vehicle service contract through Chaiz?

Once you have purchased a plan with Chaiz you will have easy access to your contract and the contact details of your claims administrator.

What is the average claim amount for suzuki?

Suzuki average claim amount is around $607

Is a Suzuki Vehicle Protection protection worth it?

The answer is yes, we do think so. We will go into further detail why we believe this to be the case. Suzuki Motor Corporation is known as a Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarters in Hamamatsu in Japan. Suzuki makes cars, four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, outboard marine engines, wheelchairs and a selection of small internal combustion engines. The global sales volume of cars is ranked as number 10 in the world with its domestic sales volume standing as the third biggest in Japan.

As the Suzuki brand has evolved, their cars got more popular in the USA. Suzuki vehicles can have excellent off-road capabilities, are high-tech and comfortable like the Suzuki . We will list specific factors why we think you should invest in a Vehicle Protection protection for an Suzuki .

-Your vehicle will be covered when it comes to mechanical and labor costs

-There additional perks such as roadside assistance and fuel delivery. If your Subaru has a breakdown more than 100 miles from your house, your accommodation costs will be covered by your warranty

-Drive with contentment due to your vehicle being covered

How do you buy a Vehicle Protection protection for your Suzuki ? It’s an easy-to-use process! Chaiz offers you a marketplace that has a unique search tool giving you the best options and warranty price for your Suzuki so you can make your choice on the best warranty for your needs. Chaiz helps you compare quotes so you can choose the warranty that suits you best. We help you to find the ultimate buy! After you have chosen your warranty you can proceed to our purchase platform. By using our marketplace you won’t need to make a considerable amount of calls to compare warranty provider quotes. If you need to be put in touch with us today- request a call back.